Friday, April 17, 2009

You know you are a backpacker when . . . .

(or at least crazy and in another country)

. . . you go into a nice restaurant, plug in your phone to charge, take your tooth brush and face wash into the bathroom, and then only order a bottle of water!

. . . when you see white people, you do a double take and decide that they really look funny with that light skin and all.

. . . when someone sits next to you in a bus with a live chicken in a plastic bag, and you don't think twice about it.

. . . if you could have any super power, it would be to be able to hover over your bed because it is so darn hot.

. . . you see a sign in front of a restaurant that says "We're not that dirty!" and you think "perfect!"

. . . your lonely planet has been rained on, sweated on, and you bring it everywhere! (or okay Rough Guides are really coming in to)

. . . (if you are a woman) one of the first phrases you have to learn is "I am married" "He is in (insert whatever country you like the accent to)", and "I left my ring at home" (alternately, you area wearing a ring to be prepared for this question)

. . . You circle a bus before getting on it to make sure that nothing important will fall out while you are on it. Flipping is not so fun!

. . . when almost every child you meet asks you for a pen. (Who went around the world giving children pens? Was there some huge movement for pens that I am unaware of?)

. . . you worry like a mother about your passport, constantly checking where it is, never leaving it alone. One very protective mother!

. . . Shantaram is in you bag, next to your mosquito repellent, hand sanitizer and the most beloved toilet paper.

. . . . you meet people who have never seen a white person before.

. . . an eight hour delay on any form of transportation is always expected (and slightly hilarious)!

. . . your sister's roommate's old roommate's friend's brother's dog's friend's sister is in the country, and you are automatically traveling together because you practically know each other, right? Small world huh?

. . . You hear someone with a similar accent in a restaurant, ask them where they are from, what they are doing, then you sit down and have lunch together and learn their whole life story. It's called making friends ! :)

. . . you send a message to someone telling them your whereabouts so that if you die on the scary, rocking, over-night ship, at least people will know where you are.

. . . waterproof everything??? Of course!

. . . You start to size up other people's backpacks, comparing them to yours and either feeling a bit jealous or proud of your own bag.

. . . your backpack is your world- your pillow, your seat, your storage. your protection . . . basically it is everything you need it to be.

. . . You mean you haven't had a raw egg thrown from a taxi at you? Weird!!!

. . . you go back home and attempt to barter with the clerk at the grocery store for carrots.